About Me


Welcome To Olive Tree Apothecary!

 Hi, my name is Agatha, and I am excited to share my journey with you. A few years ago, my husband and I made the move to the beautiful Sandilands in southeastern Manitoba. It was here that I discovered the abundance of natural plants, flowers, trees, and berries during my walks in nature. Being a naturally curious person, I embarked on a journey of discovery to identify these plants and uncover their unique properties.

My newfound awareness and curiosity of nature ignited my passion for herbalism. I immersed myself in studying medicinal plants through courses, books, and guidance from experienced teachers. The more I discovered, the more I appreciated the remarkable healing properties of these plants, and wanted to share my new knowledge to help others.

During my exploration of natural remedies and the process of creating healing ointments and extracts, I stumbled upon the remarkable advantages of tallow and decided to incorporate it into my salves and balms. Tallow possesses the unique ability to deeply penetrate the skin, allowing for optimal absorption of the healing properties found in plants. So, it only made sense to put the two of them together for maximum effectiveness in my products.

I always felt uneasy using lotions filled with synthetic chemicals on my skin. After creating my first batch of tallow-based lotion and using it personally for several months, I was amazed by the positive impact it had on my skin. Tallow is the only thing I use on my skin now. I began sharing my skincare products with our circle of family and friends, who also loved what it did for their skin.

I have also found joy in creating medicinal products like tinctures, salves, and other herbal products using the plants that grow abundantly in our surroundings. My hope is that I can inspire you to become curious about the plants, flowers and trees growing around you, and to explore the medicinal properties that these have to offer. I will be sharing with you some of the medicinal plants, flowers and many other things that grow here in our backwoods and how I use them in my products and everyday life. I will also share some home remedies and recipes that I hope will be helpful to you on your journey to health and healing.

Come join me on this adventure of finding healing and health through discovering natures many offerings! Blessings! 

 My sister-in-law and I, collecting wild flowers(Me on the left).