What are Herbal Tinctures?

Herbal tinctures have long been cherished for their potent and concentrated properties, offering a natural way to harness the benefits of various plants. These extracts are created by immersing fresh or dried bark, berries, leaves, flowers, or roots from one or more plants using solvents such as water, glycerine, vinegar, oil, and honey. Through this process, the alcohol or other solvents effectively draw out the active compounds, including alkaloids, vitamins, and minerals, from the plant material, resulting in a powerful herbal elixir. Tinctures offer a safe, pure, and easily absorbable form of herbal supplementation. The liquid form allows for rapid absorption by the body, making tinctures a preferred choice for those seeking a natural remedy.

How We Make Our Tinctures

At Olive tree apothecary, our tinctures are hand made with fresh, ethically wild-harvested (never near roadways, railroad tracks or farming communities), or home-grown herbs, picked at peak potency and infused in 80 proof vodka. Occasionally we will use material for our tinctures that cannot be grown locally. We buy these from trusted suppliers and they are clearly labelled on our products. We use fresh plants rather than dried ones, to ensure maximum potency and effectiveness. Using fresh material preserves the natural herbal properties which may degrade as they dry. (Due to the seasonal availability of certain plants, some of our tinctures may only be offered during specific growing periods). After our herbs have been infusing for 6-8 weeks in a dark place, we use a press to squeeze out every drop of goodness from the material that is left. It is then stored in a cool, dark place until further use.

Why Single Herb Tinctures

You will notice all of our tinctures are single herb extracts. Using a single herb tincture can offer several benefits. Firstly, it allows you to focus on the specific properties and benefits of that particular herb without any potential interactions or dilution from other herbs. This targeted approach can be beneficial for addressing specific health concerns or symptoms. Additionally, single herb tinctures are often easier to track in terms of effectiveness and potential side effects, as you can directly attribute any changes to the use of that one herb. For those who are new to herbal remedies, starting with a single herb tincture can help you better understand how your body responds to that herb before exploring more complex herbal blends. Ultimately, using a single herb tincture can provide a straightforward and effective way to experience the unique healing properties of individual herbs.


While there is a recommended dosage amount on each bottle, assessing your own dosage when using tinctures is important for several reasons. As an individual, you have a unique body and health profile that may require personalized dosing. By being your own doctor in this context, you can tailor the dosage to suit your specific needs and tolerance levels. Additionally, self-assessment allows you to closely monitor how your body responds to the tincture and make adjustments accordingly. This level of self-awareness can help you optimize the effectiveness of the tincture while minimizing the risk of adverse reactions. Being proactive in assessing your dosage empowers you to take control of your health and well-being, ensuring a safe and beneficial experience with herbal tinctures. Remember, it's always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or questions about dosage or potential interactions with other medications.


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