Quality Ingredients

At Olive Tree Apothecary, we use only premium-quality tallow from grass-fed, grass-finished cows that we slow-render to preserve its nutrients and benefits. Our tallow lotions, moisturizers, and salves are made in small batches to maintain their integrity.

Our salves, balms, butters, and creams are crafted using ethically wildcrafted whole herbs sourced from uncontaminated areas. We also grow some herbs organically in our own garden or obtain them from certified organic producers. Our commitment to quality extends to the oils, beeswax, and tallows we use. We avoid GMOs, herbicides, and pesticides in all our products.

To maintain the integrity of the herbs we use, we allow them to naturally cure, preserving their beneficial compounds and flavors. Air drying is preferred over heat drying to prevent degradation of these compounds. Slow curing enhances the aroma and medicinal properties of the herbs, resulting in a superior final product.

It is our intention to create the highest quality tinctures possible. We strive to craft the majority of our tinctures with fresh locally abundant wild plants or herbs we cultivate in our gardens in. Our tinctures are made using only non-GMO ingredients that are harvested and cultivated with care. We steer clear of synthetic additives and fillers, ensuring a pure and natural product.  Since we use fresh plant material for most of our tinctures as the herbal properties start to diminish once the plant is dried, they may only be available during the plant's growing season. To maintain the potency of our tinctures, we use 80 proof vodka instead of chemical-grade alcohols.


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